Santi Thermovalve 303

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The innovative new Santi Thermovalve 303 has a 270 degree rotating head that offers two functions in one device: drysuit inflation valve with an integrated connector for Santi heating systems.

The Santi Thermovalve 303 has a 270-degree rotating head, an innovative solution in thermovalve design technology.

The low-profile Thermovalve 303 fully replaces the drysuit inflator valve cabling in power to connect to Santi heating systems, including heated undersuits, vests and gloves. Unlike the Santi Drysuit Connector, it has two functions simultaneously: an inlet valve and an integrated connector.

Thermovalve 303’s great advantage is placing the cable with the E/O connector in the down position, with the possibility of turning the head by 270 degrees, which allows for trouble-free connection of the hopper cable both in the position of the connector to the right and left.

Santi Thermovalve 303 specifications

  • Rotating head (angle 270°), equipped with a medium pressure connector
  • 270° moveable valve head for more convenient hose attachment which allows for optimal E/O cord and pressure hose settlement under the drysuit,
  • Includes two electrical connectors on opposite sides of the cable – a connector for connecting with a battery adapted to work in water (E/O cord) and a waterproof connector for connecting a Heating System products from Santi
  • Works with power supply no higher than 12V
  • Total length of the cables including plugs – about 55cm
  • Includes a two-piece nut
  • Santi Thermovalve 303 is available with Apeks or Si-Tech screw size

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Weight 23 kg