MPS Gas Booster Pumps

What Is A Gas Booster?

A Gas Booster is a pneumatic pressure intensifier for Oxygen and other pure gases used in rebreathers.

In conjunction with an air compressor a gas booster pump allows you to withdraw low pressure gas and bring it to the desired pressure for filling pressure containers (for example diving or industrial cylinders)

We highly recommend MPS Gas Booster Pumps as they have been designed and field proven to be very strong, high performing, safe, simple to use and affordable.

The new for 2021 ‘Sport Line’ Range replaces the older ‘Expedition’ models and offers a new lighter design with everything you need included in the case.

As usual the MPS attention to detail in making these pumps as safe as possible is present and they operate without producing undue heat.

With the choice of Single Action/Single Stage and Double Action/Single Stage designs along with 230 Bar and 310 Bar options you will find the right booster for you and your chosen number of divers.