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Our mission being to bring competitively priced, reliable High or Low Pressure Breathing Air Compressors, Gas Booster Pumps, CCR Rebreathing Units, Diving Lights and Torches, Dive Clothing, Air and Gas Cylinder Tanks, Diving Accessories and Diving Propulsion Units to Technical and Recreational divers in the UK and Ireland.

CCR & Recreational Diving Breathable Gas Re-Charging Equipment & Technical Deep Water Diving Accessories

Gas Technologies was born out of a love for the water and a passion for deep water technical CCR Diving.

Our mission is to bring competitively priced, reliable high pressure breathing air compressors to divers in the UK & Ireland and helping to cut the umbilical cord where divers are or feel tied to clubs in order to gain air and gas fills.

A selection of reliable low pressure compressors are also available which are particularly useful for use with re-charging low pressure stored pure gases via gas booster pumps.

Our catalogue now has expanded to provide Dive Propulsion Vehicles, Dive Cylinders and accessories, Drysuit Underwear, Ocean Management Systems (OMS) and Underwater Lights including our own brand Beacon Dive Lights.

It is only after years of extreme use in hostile environments that we then bring the few chosen products on board, with the minimum requirement being “fit for purpose and competitive pricing”.

We are available 24-7 and been involved with the dive industry since 1981.

If you see a product that interests you please feel free to contact us and we can discuss further

rEvo CCR UK & Ireland Agents

Gas Technologies Ltd are proud to announce that they are now working in partnership with rEvo Rebreathers and will be responsible for dealing with Sales, Service & Training for UK & Ireland.

With the aftermath of COVID and Brexit now firmly behind us, each with their own challenges, we look forward to the this new exciting chapter in the life of Gas Technologies and we thank the team at rEvo for trusting us here to carry the torch with what we firmly believe is the premier technological Closed Circuit Rebreather.

 If you believe that the time is now right for you to look at the future of diving, please get in touch.

Diving Air

View our range of Breathing Air Compressors which have proven to be the best value for money and the most reliable.

Single Phase or 3 Phase Electric and Petrol/Diesel motor options to suit all requirements

MPS Gas Booster

For the technical divers requiring re-charging ‘pure’ gases we stock a comprehensive range of Gas Booster Pumps by MPS which are impeccably constructed and ultra reliable units in operation.


View our range of made to measure dry suits, Each suit will be custom created for your individual size and check out under garments from world leading suppliers.

Diving Lights

Select from a range of LED Underwater Lights including our own brand Beacon Dive Lights which offer different strengths of lumens to suit all classes of diving depths and applications.

Halcyon Dive Systems

Supplying the complete range of World Leading Halcyon Dive products, from wings to spare parts, Gas Technologies is your one stop Uk and Ireland Halcyon dealer, all at remarkable prices.

New Book On Sale: ‘Lusitania – The Underwater Collection’

By Vic Verlinden


Vic Verlinden from Belgium began diving in 1975. Quickly embracing technical diving, he is an accomplished CCR diver who is equally at home exploring new cave passages or discovering deep wrecks of historical significance.

In 1993, Vic Verlinden discovered – and became the first person to explore – the wreck of the previously undiscovered East India trader, ‘Roompot’, a homeward bound vessel that sank in the North Sea in 1853 and had never before been dived.

Vic is also co-founder of the not-for-profit organisation, the ‘Wreck Dive Team’ that organises and participates in various diving expeditions to photograph and film unique diving locations around the world.

A gifted underwater photographer specialising in images of deep wrecks, his pictures and articles have appeared in diving publications around the world.

This latest publication is the results from multiple diving expeditions over  a span of 5 years on the wreck of the Lusitania which lies at a depth of 92 metres and helps cast new light on the mysterious ‘second explosion’ that occured after a single torpedo strike during the 1914-18 World War, as well as additional stunning photos of this famous wreck.

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In our opinion if it’s Gas Booster Pumps it’s MPS without question.

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