Santi Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit

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Santi Flex 2.0 Heated Undersuit is light and flexible with Climashield Contour fabric allowing maximum flexibility, mobility and less bulk.

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The Santi Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit is light and flexible. The Climashield Contour fabric allows for full flexibility in every direction, leading to unique mobility and less bulk when compared with BZ400 Heated Undersuit.

Santi recommends Flex 2.0 Undersuits to those looking for a thinner alternative for a heating undersuit, plan shorter dives in cold waters or long demanding dives in warmer waters.

The Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit is designed as part of a complex Santi heating system consisting of items such as BZ400 Heated Undersuit or Heated Vest, Heated Gloves, and Santi 6Ah and 24Ah batteries as well as the new Blue Power 14Ah and 28Ah batteries.

The Heated Flex 2.0 contains very efficient heating wires that provide optimal thermal comfort during long and cold dives. Most of the generated heat is passed on directly to the diver’s body in this configuration.

Thanks to new, non-quilted fabric quality, the Flex 2.0 provides more warmth towards the body. This generates better thermal properties and keeps the heat trapped closer to the body for longer.

It is advised to wear the Santi Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit on top of thin thermal underwear. This configuration directs the temperature straight to a diver’s body. The Heated Undersuits should not be worn directly on skin due to safety and hygienic reasons.

To operate the Santi Heating system a Santi Drysuit Connector or Thermovalve 303 is required.

Santi Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit specifications

  • Operating time on 24Ah battery: approx. 2h 30min – 3h
  • Built-in heating glove wires
  • Handy pocket on the waist for a power cord
  • P-valve hose opening
  • Net cuffs with rubber loops for thumbs
  • Elastic gussets under the armpits
  • Two side pockets
  • Elastic waistband
  • Two-way entry zipper
  • Foot straps
  • Maximum heating temperature: 45ºC
  • Maximum heating power: 110W
  • Climashield Contour 180g/m2 thermal insulation
  • Safety switch prevents overheating
  • Wires covered with ultra-soft silicone resistant to breaking
  • Power cable is resistant to high temperatures and cuts
  • Ergonomic nesting and wire layout
  • Made-to-measure option

FREE “Made to Fit”

Very few divers require a totally made to measure suit due to the wide range of standard sizes available from Santi Diving. With this in mind, Santi offers a free of charge Made-to-Fit service to any standard size Heated Flex 2.0 Undersuit ordered, sculpting standard suits to a divers’ measurements.

With your order, you can request up to 4 changes (ranging from 2 to 5 cm) to any of the standard size measurements listed under chest, inner arm, biceps, forearm, waist, hips, inner leg, thigh, calf or body trunk on the Santi size chart.

If you would require more than 4 changes to make your suit perfect, you can add two more changes for a small additional charge.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg

Female, Male

Suit Size

2XL, 2XLS Male size only, 3XL, L, LL, LLL Male size only, LS, M, ML, MLL, S, SL, XL, XLL Male size only, XLS, XS

Modification to Size

4 Modifications (2cm-5cm), 5 Modifications (2cm-5cm) + £40, None

Size Chart

Measuring Guide


Carefully watch SANTI’s “Instructions for Self-measuring” video below. The video shows all measurements for Made-to-Measure suits.


Download the Santi MADE TO MEASURE FORM. Use only a taylor’s tape measure that has a centimeter scale (only use metric with cm).

Never take your own measurements yourself! Measurements should be taken by another person to make sure all measurements are taken tight up to the body and at correct placement for a specific measurement.

It is important that you stand straight, look forward and do not bend over while you are being measured. It is equally important to take the measurements only while wearing thin clothing, close to the body. Don’t leave any additional measurement allowance.

HEAD – approximately 1cm above the eyebrows to choose the correct hood size.
NECK – above the t-shirt line, under the Adam’s apple and the end of the neck.
BODY TRUNK – hold one end of the tape on the central point of the neck end and lead the tape across the crotch to the back. Mark the place where tape ends and measure the rest of the line to the spine neck bone. Make sure the tape is close to the body including all the curves.
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER – back shoulders length from one top arm bone to another.
OUTER ARM LENGHT – from the back neck spine bone to the wrist while the arm is fully stretched.
INSIDE ARM LENGHT – from armpit to wrist.
LADIES ONLY / SIDE TRUNK LENGHT – from the armpit to the waist line.
BICEPS – widest point on the loose arm. If you have a visibly athletic figure it is advised to measure the biceps also with bent elbow.
FOREARM – in the widest point.
WRIST – between the palm and the wrist bone.
CHEST – first measure the chest in rest and then after breathing in air. Normally the difference should be around 3-5cm. For ladies measure in the fullest point of the bust, preferably while wearing a bra.
WAIST – measure on the belly button level. Remember to measure the waist line in the widest point on the belly button line. To measure a female waistline correctly, use any kind of “marker belt” and fasten it around the waist line.
LADIES ONLY / BACK HEIGHT – centrally from the neck spine bone to the waist line marked with the belt.
LADIES ONLY / CHEST HEIGHT – from the soft neck area (where the neck ends) to the bust line in the fullest point.
HIPS – in the fullest point of the buttocks.
THIGH – widest point approximately 5cm from the crotch area.
CROTCH TO KNEE – from crotch to knee.
CROTCH TO FLOOR – hold one end of the measurement tape in a convenient place in the crotch and measure to the heel end.
CALF 1 – measure the calf in the widest point.
CALF 2 – height from the widest point of the calf to the floor.
CALF 3 – measure the calf 20cm from the floor.
ANKLE – measure the ankle on the ankle bone.
FOOT – place the tape on the floor and step on it to measure from end of heal to end of toes.

It is the customers responsibility to choose the correct drysuit size. All drysuits are made to order. Drysuit returns are not accepted under any circumstance unless Underwater Explorers Ltd/DirDirect has made a mistake. We do not take any responsibility for a fit of a made to measure drysuits unless measured by us. All drysuits are individually tested by manufacturers. Any isolated manufacturing fault(s) will be repaired, not replaced, under manufacturers warranty.