Coltri LP 600 Nitrox with Silent In Built Dryer


At the top of the Coltri Nitrox line is the LP600 ROTARY system that consists of an industrial screw compressor that delivers air at a pressure of 8 bar to a membrane that separates nitrogen and oxygen at atmospheric pressure to obtain Nitrox 40% O2 that can be compressed at a pressure of 232 bar in combination with a high pressure compressor. The percentage of oxygen obtained at the outlet can be controlled from 22.4% to 40% by means of a valve directly accessible on top of the compressor. Exclusive to the compressors in the Heavy Duty line.

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2 × – 1000 l/m – 60.00 m³/h – 35.31 CFM FAD : O2 32%
1 × – 650 l/m – 39,00 m³/h – 22.95 CFM FAD : O2 40%

Additional information

Weight 80 kg


Working pressure 8 – 10 bar
Weight 215 kg
Noise 70 dB
Drive Three-phase Electric Motor