Coltri LP-250 Nitrox Rotary with Silent In Built Dryer


The Coltri LP-250 Rotary system of the Nitrox line consists of an industrial screw compressor that delivers air at a pressure of 10 bar to the Parker® diaphragm. The percentage of oxygen obtained at the outlet can be adjusted from 28% to 38% thanks to an accessible valve at the front of the compressor. When connected to a compressor with MCH 16 pump unit, 32% Nitrox can be obtained up to a pressure of 232 bar. The oxygen analyser allows you to check the correct percentage by means of the appropriate valve.

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Download Manual
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Additional information

Weight 80 kg


Operating pressure:    8 – 10 bar
Weight:    215 kg
Noise:      70 dB
Dimensions (lxwxh):      860x765x1320 mm
Flow:     1 × – 315 l/m – 18,90 m³/h – 11.12 CFM FAD – O2 32%