Halcyon Aura Second Stage Regulator

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Halcyon Aura Second Stage comes with a single adjustment control and a pre-set inhalation effort. This feature makes it a common selection as a backup regulator. Comes with 40″ (100cm) regulator hose.

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Halcyon Aura Second Stage regulators provide a simple, compact design that makes breathing underwater feel natural. This high-quality second stage delivers air in a smooth, dependable fashion.

Halcyon’s Aura second stage comes with a single adjustment control and a pre-set inhalation effort that suits most common diving situations; this feature makes it a common selection as a backup regulator.

The Aura is an ideal regulator for divers who want a simple, ready-to-dive second stage; it is also a common choice for training systems and rental units.

Halcyon Aura is a classic downstream

Classic downstream valve style second stages have an impressive safety record and are commonly accepted as an extremely reliable design.

Part of their reliability results because the downstream valve opens in the same direction as the incoming airflow; a spring counteracts the force of the incoming air.

This design requires a small inhalation to overcome the spring tension and open the valve. The spring pressure is adjusted at the factory and allows easy breathing and consistent performance.

Air Control Vane

Air Control Vane (ACV) offers a second diver adjustment for the ability to fine-tune breathing. The ACV uses vacuum-assist technology to reduce the work of breathing and increase diver comfort.

This level of refinement is available on all Halcyon second stages. ACV in “dive” position gives powerful breathing support, while ACV in “Halcyon” position helps prevent free flows; this can be helpful on the surface, when diving in currents, while scootering, or when the Aura is used as a backup regulator.

Comfortable mouthpiece

Comfort mouthpiece is standard in every second stage to reduce jaw fatigue and mouth irritation. This long-lasting mouthpiece requires only a minimum effort to hold comfortably in place.

Combined with the freedom of head movement provided by Halcyon’s primary long hose, you will enjoy dives free from the jaw fatigue common with certain mouthpieces and/or poorly balanced hose routing.

Halcyon Aura Second Stage features

  • Compatible with 40% Nitrox (outside EU)
  • 40” (100cm) rubber regulator hose included
  • Non-adjustable downstream valve
  • Air Control Vane

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