Coltri Efficient MARK III Silent

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Silenced cab chassis designed and built to facilitate maintenance operations. The tilting motor-holder plate ensures constant V-belt tension.

Compressor management and maintenance are facilitated by important devices and tools: the oil level and drain shown outside, the control console equipped with inter-stage pressure gauges, the internal temperature indicator, the presence alarm and incorrect phase sequence, the oil lack alarm and the start stop and manual condensate drain commands.

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Powered by a three-phase 230V electric motor, this Coltri Efficient line compressor has a monitoring system panel that includes an interstage pressure gauge, autostop with adjustable pressure switch, automatic condensate drain and a phase control for rotation direction. Control is everything. Designed with control systems that allow effective monitoring of operations: interstage pressure, oil level, cabin internal temperature and direction of rotation detector. 3 Stage high – pressure pumping unit.

The Maxifilter purification system enables reliable treatment of breathing air according to DIN EN 12021 when using original filter cartridges.

This model has a charging rate of 315 Bar

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Weight 200 kg


Coltri Mark III Silent

CHARGING RATE: 315 l/min – 18.9 m3/h 11.1 CFM FAD
FILLING TIME*: 6 min. 20 sec.
WORKING PRESSURE: 232 – 300 – 330 bar 3365 – 4351 – 4786 psig
NET WEIGHT APPROX: 169 kg – 372 lb
NOISE: 82.3 dB

*Filling time cylinder 10 l-0/200 bar (measured by filling cylinder from 0 to 200 bar ±5%)