As we enter a new world after COVID a lot of things have changed. As a company rEvo is constantly changing as well as developing and embracing new innovative technologies. 

Nothing lasts forever and on this note, we at Gas Technologies are privileged to announce that we have been asked by rEvo to take up the torch which has been held aloft by Simon Taylor Watson in the UK & Ireland, since the birth of rEvo.  We wish Simon all the best in the future. 

We are excited with what lies ahead. The rEvo product is a world leader product in its field and is typical of the high end products we market here at Gas Technologies and fits extremely well with what our philosophy is here at Gas Technologies “Dedicated to a quality service”  

When a Company undertakes a new product, it is vital that it brings onboard someone who has an intimate understanding of the product and has pushed it to its extremes and has an intimate knowledge of it over a period in excess of a decade. Finding someone who understands rEvo is one thing. finding someone who has a passion for the product and having the ability and vision in order to push this forward into a new era and make it a reality,  is something completely different.

We would like to welcome onboard Rez Soheil as rEvo Training and Service Manager.  

In our experience people like facts and not fiction. Rez has almost 20 years CCR Experience, with more than half of that on the rEvo product. Over this period of time he has tested the product  in the cold waters of the North Atlantic on dives beyond 160m that have lasted well over 7 and 8 hours at a time. 

He’s taken the product to 200m and to say that he knows the product intimately, is an understatement both in the water and ensuring that its is fit to dive in the field, 100% of the time. Very few who do the type of dives that Rez has done, can say that they have never missed a dive and this is again just a simple fact. 

Needless to say, over the years his passion for rEvo has infected me as I have been by his side a lot of the time. 

 Since 2008 I have dived the same CCR unit, which resembles “ Trevors Brush”  and now with in excess of 5000 dives on it, I realised that the time was approaching where I would be looking for an upgrade  The design of my current CCR and it’s limitations, forms the design basis that a lot of other CCR units have evolved from and like most things has its limits. 

I have always been intrigued by the completely different and unique design of the rEvo CCR and it’s capability. With the latest Titanium Micro, fitted with a full Shearwater Controller and NERD unit with RMS, providing an unparalleled minute by minute data output of scrubber state, this really is a game changer and a massive selling point in helping me make my decision of what my next rebreather would be, when the time came. 

 Having access to rEvo’s very own electronics in the form of Evodream offers an alternative to Shearwater, should the customer wish to avail of this very unique option.  15 kgs in the bag, ready to travel, surely must be “the icing on the cake”.

They say that we are all a product of our environment and those we come into contact with. In 2022, whilst diving on The Lusitania, with thanks to Vic Verlinden, we had the good fortune of meeting up with Eddy Deborck, Matthias Minnebo & Pieter Decoene, all CCR Divers from Belgium  At that time, I was not aware of Matthias’s or Pieter’s involvement at rEvo, however as the week progressed, their knowledge and passion for the product became apparent. 

As a none user, I  became intrigued with how simple it was to dive the rEvo, however I was blown away when Pieter performed a full Shearwater rejuvenation on Rez’s CCR whilst on site. Over and over I heard the mantra from Pieter “it is a MUST that the machine can be repaired in the field”. Having dived a lot in remote locations, this was the ultimate deciding factor for me. 

It was at this time that Rez asked me how I felt about Gas Technologies undertaking the service and distribution for rEvo for UK & Ireland? This was the easiest question I ever had to answer in my life. 

It does not often happen that by a pure chance encounter that something life changing happens, however when you know and feel the positivity, you know that its the correct route and this is a journey, Rez, The Team at Gas Technologies and myself excitingly look forward to. 

We look forward to seeing you all at Go Dive, with some local “Try Dives” been organised for Monday 06th March. We also hope to see you all at Dive Ireland on 25th and 26th March where we can chat about the forthcoming Tech Week in Donegal on 16th June, where we will be hosting an extravaganza of all things Technical. 

Hope to see you all soon!


Peter McCamley (Operations Director)