MPS C2X Diving Gas Booster Integration

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Technical data

    • Pressure ratio: 25/1
    • Piston stroke: 2 x 60 mm
    • Max boost pressure: 340 bar
    • Min pumping speed: 15 cycles/minute
    • Drive air: 9-10 bar
    • Displacement: 2 x 20 mm
    • Min suction pressure: 5 bar
    • Max pumping speed: 140 cycles/minute
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Product Description

This model is recommended for technical divers , CCR divers and Boats. The two-stage booster with its lower driving air consumption is particularly suited for professional use and for diving centres.

Construction materials

Body: ergal, stainless steel 316, brass ot 58 Seals: fkm, ecopur, teflon, composit Overcooled head and cylinder

Examples of use

To fill a 3L tank from a storage tank with 100 BAR pressure, less than 50 seconds are requires to reach 220 BAR.
Even if used for longer period of time, the unique design of this booster prevents irs temperature from rising, thus allowing a safe filling procedure.

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